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A Summer Angle on Milan

A Summer Angle on Milan
Source Image by pixabay.com

Milan in April is like it should be life: full of beautiful things to see (and to eat) with a lot of sunshine and a weekend away outside the corner.

Did I say outside the door? I meant Fuorisalone. Yes, that event in Milan where strange people are looking for high installations that nobody understands. Given these assumptions, we could not miss this event. In fact, we became Official Accommodation Partner, even for the 343,000 Italian and foreign travelers who visited the Design Week in Milan, who would need accommodation from April 4 to 9 to explore the 1,500 scattered shows and events for the city.

The fact is that we know Fuorisalone well: confusion, the crowd, the files to enter the exhibition space, that pain in the back for too much to stand or walk (maybe on the heels), you know you will realize you do not have More than 20 years. That's why we wanted to bring real relaxation in the middle of Fuorisalone with our Summer House: a loft in the heart of the Brera Design District furnished as a vacation home in one of our favorite Mediterranean destinations for next summer.

The loft, provided by LoveTheSign in soft, fresh and enveloping materials, has the colors of the sea and the tastiest food and is a space of space and rich in design objects that capture the attention of any visitor.

A comfortable blue overhang sofa, rocking chairs from the pillows you sit and you will not want to lift, a cozy table set of white and blue from which stands out the overwhelming orange citrus fruits, warming the table as in a picture By Cezanne.

Yes, because this first day is dedicated to the scents and beauties of Trinacria. There is no photo booth on the walls, where visitors can pose for a social photo with balloons, straw hat and sunglasses, as well as a frame with our official hashtag: #DesignYourSummer. On the maxi screens alternate photographs depicting our most beautiful properties in Sicily.

Hostesses and stewards, iPad to hand, are ready: they will have to scatter to Brera and get people involved in our special contest: leaving their data and emails, everyone can immediately win 1000 € per day to book a HomeAway home in our best Mediterranean destinations !


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